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 Personal Profile

Bjorn Candel

Associate Member

Institute of Translation & Interpreting



EFL Teacher. I am a DELTA qualified English Language Teacher with a BA in English and Spanish. I have over ten years of full-time EFL experience, including posts in Poland, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. My current teaching post is at Nizwa College of Applied Science in Oman.

Translator.  I completed an MA in Translation at the University of Surrey in Sept 2005 and have been working as a freelance translator since then, first on a full-time basis for a year and now on a part-time basis. I have done translation work for major UK translation companies like Xerox Global Services and Wordbank, but I also take on work for smaller UK agencies, translation agencies in Sweden and on the Continent, and private clients. Most of the projects I have worked on to date are to do with IT and the automotive industry. However, I have also worked on projects in the fields of online gaming, health & nutrition, fund companies and GPS devices.



Qualifications & Education


  • Prize for Outstanding Dissertation in MA in Translation 2004-2005. University of Surrey, UK. Dissertation here.
  • Speaking at Professional Short Course for Translators at University of Surrey 19-23 June 2006. Topic: Language and Power.

Recent Translation Jobs

  • Manuals for motor mechanics issued by major Japanese car maker (62,000 words)
  • Website for major Japanese car maker (22,500 words)
  • Website for major internation car rental company (45,000 words)
  • Troubleshooting web pages for printers & scanners (18,000 words)
  • Troubleshooting manual for high-end photocopier (8,000 words)
  • User's manual for high-end photocopier (14,000 words)
  • User's manual for a chainsaw (5,600 words)
  • Policies & Procedures for US-based MLM (9,000 words)

Proofreading & Checking

  • Printers, Scanners and General IT (65,000 words)
  • Online poker website (26,000 words)
  • Company Newsletters (13,000 words)
  • Upselling Manual – IT (42,000 words)
  • Nutritional Supplements – Website and DVD (25,000 words)
  • Automotive (10,000 words)




EFL Work Experience